Breast Lift Tape,Invisible Instant Enhancer Push Up Bare Lift, Adhesive Bra Accessories Bring It Up Lifter

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10PCS Strapless Bra

10PCS Nipple Cove (Without retail Box)

100% Brand New

This product is no box

Color: Color of skin

Size: Strapless Bra:12cm×8cm, Nipple Cover: diameter 6cm (Approx.)

Material: Hypoallergenic Adhesive + Silk Cloth

Fits cups A, B, C and D

1 pair can be used one

Hypoallergenic Adhesive, “Lifts your breast from above” Bust Ups have a clinical tape that uplifts your breast from the top, giving it a natural beauty. The adhesive tape does NOT hurt or damage skin, it is made of special adhesive that is water resistant so you can wear the adhesives under your bathing suit!

Before using we recommend you have your breast area free of lotions or skin care products, as these might reduce the effect of the adhesive. If when using it does not adjust to the size of your breast, you can cut it with scissors to adjust to your breast size. The Lift should be places in the upper NOT at the bottom. part of your breast, above your nipple.

Notes: Although this adhesive bra contains high quality hypoallergenic medical tape, we still recommend that you perform a skin test before extending use for long hours. Bust Up are not recommended for those with sensitive skin. Do not use on rashes, sores, skin disorders, sun damaged , sunburned skin or open cuts, or if you currently have or had a family history of, skin depigmentation problems. All skin types are different, if signs of irritation, rash or discomfort of any kind appear, remove the tape immediately. If irritation continues please consult your doctor. We suggest you wear Bust up for no more than 6 hours.


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